Team Co-Lead,
Art Direction, UI/UX

Spring 2015
Senior project

The future of digital healthcare.

Mendo is an interactive multi-screen exhibit that simulates what we imagine to be the future of the digital healthcare industry. Staying healthy and having access to care is an important part of life for everybody. We believe that technology today can allow people to have easier and faster access to healthcare everyday and foster a stronger, positive relationship between doctors and patients, leading to a more long-term relationship.

This was a senior graduation team project while I was studying at RIT. Along with the other team lead, we set the creative direction, coordinated team members, and work along with the rest of the team to research and create materials for the project.

I also designed and built the project website which gives a brief intro into the project. All of our research, process, work, and assets are captured in this process deck.

The end result was an exhibition experience that allowed viewers to navigate through three different rooms: the doctor office’s reception area, the exam room and a patient’s living room and experience what healthcare of the future could be. Our designed interface was displayed on a large TVs and set up with Leap Motion,  allowing viewers to control the interface with hand gestures.


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