Spruce Health

Spruce Health’s Mission

We’re committed to building quality healthcare experiences that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

At Spruce, I focus on how modern technology can facilitate a better model of care and collaboration for medical professionals and their patients. I joined Spruce in June 2015 as the second designer while we were building the Spruce Dermatology Clinic. In Oct 2015, we started designing and building Spruce Care Messenger. Below, you’ll find selected projects I worked on at Spruce.

Spruce Care Messenger

Spruce Care Messenger is a platform that enables doctor or healthcare professional to streamline their office workflows and engage and provide digital care to their patients. Along with another designer, we designed the product from ground up across iOS, Android, and Web.

View the app on the App Store.

Marketing Site

Besides product features, I also typically work on marketing materials – one of the main responsibilities being the marketing site. Any marketing site redesign is a coordination between the product and business team. I will work across the different teams, going through rounds of designs to make sure the final design something we’re all behind.

The current design (2.0) is live at Spruce Health. Below, you’ll find some of the design directions explored:

Spruce Blog

We launched the Spruce Blog to share the latest news on modern care to healthcare professional and to generate traffic to Spruce.

I worked with the product and marketing team to make sure the designs achieved the goals we had in mind. After we decided to use WordPress, I designed a custom Spruce theme. I also coordinated and managed a contractor to build the theme. Below, you’ll see images of some of process work:


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